domingo, 1 de julio de 2007

Mis familias anfitrionas

Mis familias anfitrionas / My host families / Mes Mes familles hôtes
Con amor / With Love Avec / Amour

The Goodrich - Denver

The Stonesmith - Denver

The Roth-Tiedeman - Denver

Cheri and Walter - Farmington

Bob and Nancy - Tucson

Jennifer and Tom - Dallas

Chip and Aimee - Baton Rouge

The Breland - New Orleans

Dillon, Joanne and Jim

The Meadors - Chattahoochee Valley

Jim and Linnette - Venice

The Dallemagne - Belgium

Stans and Renier - The Netherlands

The Hector-Döhler - Leipzig, Germany

The Bruns - Bremen, Germany

Kristian and Linda - Sweden

The Mårlind - Sweden

The Viking Family: The Bjørnskov-Haslev - Denmark

The Reddy - Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Howard Graves - Chiang Mai, Thailand

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